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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm back

Well sort of.

People been giving me sh*t about the complete lack of posting in recent
weeks. I'm sorry...some of us have a job to do and babies to raise. For

I will warn you that posts will continue to be sporadic until football and
television seasons start. That's all I really know how to talk about
besides drinking. And speaking of that, I read this morning that Miller is
putting out a new beer product called Chill that is light beer flavored
with salt and lime. Sounds delicious doesn't it!? God I want one right

My boss is out of town this week and we've got a film making it's debut at
a festival on Saturday nite. I've been uber stressed out by that. The cool
thing is that I get to hang out with the two directors on Monday when
they're here at headquarters and take them to their various appts. I'm so
VIP. We're also announcing our first original kids tv series, and on
Monday we have Ben Harper coming for a recording session in front of a
small audience of 50 or so. All of this is giving me pains in my side.
Though actually the pain in my side could just be from too much drinky
drink last nite. Yes I think that's highly likely.

Okay, so I promise to do better, and sincere apologies to Mealz and to my
newest fan Brian in Austin who just got married last weekend. As for the
rest of ye, cram it up your cramhole.


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