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Monday, June 25, 2007

Can it just be Thursday please?

Thursday at 1, and it can't get here soon enough. I've already started
packing. Usually I don't start packing until I come home drunk the night
before I'm supposed to leave, and then when I get up at the crack of dawn
the next day (still drunk) I wind up packing five pairs of jeans, four
pairs of shoes and one shirt. Reeeeal smart, Steezer. Real smart.

But seriously, even though I just went to Seattle 3 months ago, I'm so
ready for a vakay. And the best part is that 13 days after i get back from
Vegas, I'm headed to Austin for 10 days. It's a hectic week at work trying
to get things finished before my boss leaves for a vakay of her own. But
since I'm the master of disaster, I'm not too worried about it.

Tomorrow we're having a departmental quarterly meeting. I wouldnt mention
it accept that last week it was alluded that we may be getting raises.
Then today I get the agenda for the meeting and the last 20 minutes are
devoted to "staff promotions and org chart." Now, i've only been here four
(almost five!) months, so it doesn't seem like I'd be getting promoted
yet. But in the same breath, we have a pretty top heavy department as it
is, so there aren't many people that they could promote that have been
here all that much longer than I have. I'm anxious about it. In my short
time here I have pretty much kicked ass, so take that for what it's worth.

One last note about Vegas...I realized last nite that I have a 5+ layover
in Milwaukee on my way to Sin City. I may try to leave the airport and go
visit "Laverne & Shirley's" apartment...or at least the bldg where they
make the Busch. But what this also means is that I can watch the NBA
draft. I think at this point everyone is resigned to the fact the Greg
Odeargod He's Thirty will go #1. No matter how much the media try and make
it melodramatic, they've seemed to be leaning that way from the get-go,
and nothing has changed much since then. I'm okay with KD going #2. It
doesn't matter where he goes...he'll be a hoss. In the paper today they
ran the list of the past 10 #1 draft picks, and I only recognized half
their names (TIM DUNCAN IN 1997 BABY). Even if Greggers has a successful
pro career, it'll be a short one, since he's due for a heart attack any
day now.


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