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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scootz is home

If you've wondered why there's been little to no mention of the thing I
couldnt seem to stop talking about two months ago, it's because Scootz has
been back in the shop for the last month. I'm going to leave out the
details, but it's been hard on us. Part of me really wanted to quit on the
relationship. It just wasn't fulfilling my needs. After our big fight, I
really thought we were done. But once I cooled off (which I've had a month
to do) I decided I wanted to try and make this work. I know I don't have
much relationship experience, but I have enough to know that you can't
just be a quitter when times get hard. As Bill Madison wisely once said,
"That little boy's gotta think...you got a pet. You got a responsibility.
You don't look for an hour and then sit on the porch like a goon waiting.
You get off your @$$ and find that f***ing dog!."

Same logic applies here.

Dallas/Denton was less than spectacular. The bright spot was Taco Cabana
on the way to the airport on Sunday. That's all I'm saying.

Let me see if there is any Texas news to speak of. Hmmmm, no. This is
seriously the most boring time of the year. As Sally pointed out as we
discussed the plausibility of going on a booze diet, there are no summer
sports that involve/require heavy consumption. There are, however,
evenings on the porch or in the backyard with grill and a frosty beverage.
And for every week like this one, when I have not a single social event on
the schedule (which does not EVER happen), there's a week like next week
when I've got happy hours Mon-Wednesday, and two on Thursday. This is not
going to be easy. But as long as I look haute for Vegas, it will allllll
be worth it.



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