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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Mavericks can go to hell

Let me tell you why I hope the Mavs get bounced tonite.

In fact, let me tell you why I HATE the Mavs.

In San Antonio we have two teams: the Missions (minor league baseball) and the Spurs. Though the Missions have won many a Texas League title, being minor league, they really don't count. And with all due respect to the Roadrunners of UTSA and the Tigers of Trinity (NCAA DIII), we have no college team. And please, don't even ask me about the Silver Spurs (WNBA).

The Spurs are all we got when it comes to the wide world of sports.

As such, San Antonians live and die by the Spurs. I was a crazy nutso Spurs fan when I was growing up. I'd save my allowance for weeks to buy tickets for my mom and I in the upper deck (They'd only let me go if I bought both of our tickets...I now realize what a b.s. racket THAT was). I had a life-size David Robinson poster in my room. I still have at home a David Robinson rookie of the year card.

Yes, I was a bit of a tomboy.

I remember being in the airport after a visit from the grandparents, when the NBA lottery was on following our most dreadful season ever. And I remember the cheers that erupted throughout the terminal when we got rights to the number 1 pick, and ergo, Tim Duncan. And I remember wanting to cry four years later when Tim went to visit Orlando as his contract came to a close.

During all of this time, the rest of my family (all of whom live in and around Dallas) couldnt give two sh*ts about the Mavericks. They stunk. They'd stunk for many years. The excuse was always the same: we're a football state and a football town.

Along comes Cuban, and Dirk, and Nash...and the Mavs get good. Suddenly, everyone cares. Suddenly they're our big rival. Suddenly people are in my face about the Mavericks.

WHATEVER. We're real fans in San Antonio. REAL fans. How many rings ya'll got, eh? Why don't you come and talk to me when you don't get knocked out by an 8 seed that's not even named for a city, but instead an entire state...a state that has three other teams in it already.


In other news, yes PB, I will find pictures of hot football players with their shirts off and post them. It's pretty easy...you just look back at photo galleries from every NFL timing day. Yum.


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