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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I've had it.

I know I've been very absent recently. But it's the offseason, and I've been busy, so please forgive. I do have something important to say: I'm declaring a fatwa against yahoo's launch.com music service. Those yahoos (pun intended) will not listen to me. If you're not familar with it, let me explain: every time a song plays you can rate artist, album and song on a scale of "never play again" to "can't get enough." I bet you can't guess what artists I can't get enough of. Really, you can't so don't even try.

Now my hatred for all things American Idol is well documented. I will freely admit that I enjoy myself some Kelly Clarkson. But the rest of them can go to hades. But for whatever reason, Yahoo just can't believe that when I say "never play again" I really mean NEVER PLAY AGAIN. I don't care where Carrie Underwood's song falls on the charts...I don't want to hear it. I dont care if Chris Daughtery is "legitimately talented." I don't want to hear him. Quit shoving this horsesh*t down my throat. What actually REALLY annoys me is the fact that they usually play these songs like four in a row. You're only allowed a certain number of skips per hour and I have to use them all up on this crap that I said I didn't want to listen to to begin with (and I swear that as I type this that stupid Carrie Underwood song came on. AAAAAHHHH). If you're going to provide a ranking service, and make one of the options "never play again," then really in truly, you should never play it again.

I also get annoyed that they always seem to interupt a JT song to ask me if I want to continue listening...and then when the tunes start up again they've moved me to a different song. Bad form Yahoo. Bad form.

An easy solution would be to try another online radio. But I can't seem to get iTunes radio to connect, and though people just adore Pandora, I feel like I end up listening to even less music than I want to.

So there. There's a rant for you. Hopefully that will tide you over for a while. I'm back to Texas this weekend for my sister's graduation from UNT. MEAN GREEN baby. One of my favorite tshirts is a North Texas Hockey tshirt. When I bought my mom was like "huh" and I was like "what" and she was like "oh I get it."


At 2:55 PM , Blogger B said...

internet radio, try pandora.com


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