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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let the countdown begin

!!!71 days until I see Beyonce!!!

DEFCOM 100 this afternoon when I found out that tickets went on sale while
I was out of town this weekend, away from a computer. I don't know why you
toy with me B!! I just try to love you...and be who I am...

More apologies for the lackage of blog postage. I don't like to logon at
work, and the 'e' and 'r' keys on my laptop are broken so I try to avoid
typing. They've actually been broken for like 4 months, but I'm too lazy
to get 'em fixed (plus who wants to be without a laptop for a few days...I
start to go crazy if it's been more than 5 hours and I haven't stared at a
computer screen).

In my time away from you I fell way off the booze diet, though I was given
a vacation since I was at a wedding this weekend. Phew. Vegas is sneaking
up on me and the pools of the nation are now open...time for Steezer to
get in shape for sheezer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is awesome

The above is from my new favorite site...started by a bunch of Trailblazer fans. Seriously, easiest pick any team will ever make is Seattle at #2. They get the leftovers, and in this case the left over is a freaking lobster.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I love you Bravo, but...

...why in the f*** do you keep showing "Days of Thunder." Is it 1992 and I didn't get the memo? Seriously tonite is at least the fifth time this month.

I'm home on a Friday nite and I'm having a glass of wine (my first drink all week). I spent all day at this. I thought it would be awesome to spend a workday outside. Not so much. Cloudy, wet, and 50 degrees (max)...I've been home for three hours and I'm still cold.

Next week I'm spending two days working on this

I love my new job.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scootz is home

If you've wondered why there's been little to no mention of the thing I
couldnt seem to stop talking about two months ago, it's because Scootz has
been back in the shop for the last month. I'm going to leave out the
details, but it's been hard on us. Part of me really wanted to quit on the
relationship. It just wasn't fulfilling my needs. After our big fight, I
really thought we were done. But once I cooled off (which I've had a month
to do) I decided I wanted to try and make this work. I know I don't have
much relationship experience, but I have enough to know that you can't
just be a quitter when times get hard. As Bill Madison wisely once said,
"That little boy's gotta think...you got a pet. You got a responsibility.
You don't look for an hour and then sit on the porch like a goon waiting.
You get off your @$$ and find that f***ing dog!."

Same logic applies here.

Dallas/Denton was less than spectacular. The bright spot was Taco Cabana
on the way to the airport on Sunday. That's all I'm saying.

Let me see if there is any Texas news to speak of. Hmmmm, no. This is
seriously the most boring time of the year. As Sally pointed out as we
discussed the plausibility of going on a booze diet, there are no summer
sports that involve/require heavy consumption. There are, however,
evenings on the porch or in the backyard with grill and a frosty beverage.
And for every week like this one, when I have not a single social event on
the schedule (which does not EVER happen), there's a week like next week
when I've got happy hours Mon-Wednesday, and two on Thursday. This is not
going to be easy. But as long as I look haute for Vegas, it will allllll
be worth it.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Qween

It's a sad day here in D.C. Well, actually, a sad day here in America. The
Queen is gone...back across the pond to drink tea and play cricket. I will
admit that I was mildly to moderately to majorly obsessed with her visit.
I can't really explain why, accept that it's not every day that the Queen
of England visits your state and wanders around. I mean she had two
dinners within five blocks of my office. Granted, it's the White House
that's within five blocks of my office, but still.

Anyways, I just think she's so adorable. I want to put her in my pocket. I
want to sit at a table across from her and just smile at her. I don't
understand why so many other people don't care. QUEEN OF ENGLAND!!

In other news related to heading back to the homeland, I'm en route to
Dallas tomorrow evening. I seem to always do the same thing when I'm about
to go traveling: I spend the nite before getting sloshed because "Wassup,
I don't have to go to work tomorrow!" And every time I wake up saying,
"I've made a huge mistake." There is nothing worse then flying half way
across the country feeling like your insides are sour oatmeal. Tomorrow,
HOWEVER, I will not be hungover. I'm going to work a full day (though
maybe ditching out a little early with a little white lie) and I'm going
to get on the plane feeling 100% refreshed and alive. So take that flight
attendants labor union!

Oh, and Sally and I this morning decided to drink less to lose weight
(because we're both extremely fat). We'll see how that works out.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I've had it.

I know I've been very absent recently. But it's the offseason, and I've been busy, so please forgive. I do have something important to say: I'm declaring a fatwa against yahoo's launch.com music service. Those yahoos (pun intended) will not listen to me. If you're not familar with it, let me explain: every time a song plays you can rate artist, album and song on a scale of "never play again" to "can't get enough." I bet you can't guess what artists I can't get enough of. Really, you can't so don't even try.

Now my hatred for all things American Idol is well documented. I will freely admit that I enjoy myself some Kelly Clarkson. But the rest of them can go to hades. But for whatever reason, Yahoo just can't believe that when I say "never play again" I really mean NEVER PLAY AGAIN. I don't care where Carrie Underwood's song falls on the charts...I don't want to hear it. I dont care if Chris Daughtery is "legitimately talented." I don't want to hear him. Quit shoving this horsesh*t down my throat. What actually REALLY annoys me is the fact that they usually play these songs like four in a row. You're only allowed a certain number of skips per hour and I have to use them all up on this crap that I said I didn't want to listen to to begin with (and I swear that as I type this that stupid Carrie Underwood song came on. AAAAAHHHH). If you're going to provide a ranking service, and make one of the options "never play again," then really in truly, you should never play it again.

I also get annoyed that they always seem to interupt a JT song to ask me if I want to continue listening...and then when the tunes start up again they've moved me to a different song. Bad form Yahoo. Bad form.

An easy solution would be to try another online radio. But I can't seem to get iTunes radio to connect, and though people just adore Pandora, I feel like I end up listening to even less music than I want to.

So there. There's a rant for you. Hopefully that will tide you over for a while. I'm back to Texas this weekend for my sister's graduation from UNT. MEAN GREEN baby. One of my favorite tshirts is a North Texas Hockey tshirt. When I bought my mom was like "huh" and I was like "what" and she was like "oh I get it."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Mavericks can go to hell

Let me tell you why I hope the Mavs get bounced tonite.

In fact, let me tell you why I HATE the Mavs.

In San Antonio we have two teams: the Missions (minor league baseball) and the Spurs. Though the Missions have won many a Texas League title, being minor league, they really don't count. And with all due respect to the Roadrunners of UTSA and the Tigers of Trinity (NCAA DIII), we have no college team. And please, don't even ask me about the Silver Spurs (WNBA).

The Spurs are all we got when it comes to the wide world of sports.

As such, San Antonians live and die by the Spurs. I was a crazy nutso Spurs fan when I was growing up. I'd save my allowance for weeks to buy tickets for my mom and I in the upper deck (They'd only let me go if I bought both of our tickets...I now realize what a b.s. racket THAT was). I had a life-size David Robinson poster in my room. I still have at home a David Robinson rookie of the year card.

Yes, I was a bit of a tomboy.

I remember being in the airport after a visit from the grandparents, when the NBA lottery was on following our most dreadful season ever. And I remember the cheers that erupted throughout the terminal when we got rights to the number 1 pick, and ergo, Tim Duncan. And I remember wanting to cry four years later when Tim went to visit Orlando as his contract came to a close.

During all of this time, the rest of my family (all of whom live in and around Dallas) couldnt give two sh*ts about the Mavericks. They stunk. They'd stunk for many years. The excuse was always the same: we're a football state and a football town.

Along comes Cuban, and Dirk, and Nash...and the Mavs get good. Suddenly, everyone cares. Suddenly they're our big rival. Suddenly people are in my face about the Mavericks.

WHATEVER. We're real fans in San Antonio. REAL fans. How many rings ya'll got, eh? Why don't you come and talk to me when you don't get knocked out by an 8 seed that's not even named for a city, but instead an entire state...a state that has three other teams in it already.


In other news, yes PB, I will find pictures of hot football players with their shirts off and post them. It's pretty easy...you just look back at photo galleries from every NFL timing day. Yum.