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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You're ugly

That, according to Deadspin is a 12-person beer bong. I applaud the ingenuity displayed here...they say that mass consumption can really bring together a community. This weekend I did my first keg stand, and I suuuuuucked at it...lasted maybe 10 seconds How I made it to age 26, through four years of college at the greatest university in the world without doing a single keg stand beats the hell out of me. Eeets a meeestery.

So Florida wins back to back basketball titles. Total crap. I'm over it. I hope Jerkoff Noah is one of the biggest washouts in the history of the NBA. That's right, I said it. I didn't watch one single second of the game, and only remembered at about midnite that it was even on. Wouldnt surprise me if two of the lowest rated finals in the history of the history both involved Florida because the only people who like Florida are the idiots who went there. Sour grapes? NO. My grapes taste just fine.


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