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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Texas State is bullshit

Tomorrow, the President and CEO of our company is giving some sort of speech or something at Southwest Texas University. That's right: I said SWT. I was against the renaming when it first happened, and I'm even more against it now. In our staff meeting as they were discussing this, the following exchange happened:

"John is talking in Texas tomorrow at Texas State University"
"Is it Texas State or is it the University of Texas"
"I think it's both."

This is where I almost started bitch-slapping. I said, "IT IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME!!" and provided them with an abridged version of the history of the renaming. But it gets worse. Later:

"Steez, the campus that John is speaking at is the San Marcos campus. Is that the main one? Cuz aren't there several?"

I didn't say shitty school, but I thought it. It's disgraceful that my longhorns should ever be confused for freaking Bobcats. I bet 45% of SWT students dont even know that their mascot IS a Bobcat. They're so stupid. And ugly. I said it. You got a problem?

I found one drawback to the scooter. Driving home from the gym tonite, I felt like the wind was going to blow the thing right out from under me. I survived long enough to write this. I hope you enjoyed it EMILY VERRETT WHO KEEPS BOTHERING ME TO WRITE THINGS. That's right I real-named you! What do you have to say about that, HUH!?


At 11:02 PM , Anonymous Dry Hump said...

Geez, did someone shove a Mandingo midget up your ass or what?

At 8:20 AM , Blogger Steezy said...

No. A Mandingo Midget ate my baby.

At 7:54 PM , Blogger wdaiii said...

Um...I have my Ug from UT, nad mt Grad from SWT(I am also against the name change), but SWT is a great school, with a beautiful campus, and you're just mean, and i hate your stupid head.

Geography is anation wide top 5 at SWT.


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