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Monday, April 23, 2007

If I were looking for a new job

I'd start and end my search here: The Tortilla Industry Association. According to these guys, who are fighting the good fight, tortillas are more popular today in the U.S. than all other ethnic breads, such as bagels, English muffins and pita bread.


Spent the weekend in CVille with CMart, CTat, and my friendly neighborhood attorney. I went with the goal of ralphing in CMart's house, since he has done me that luxury the last TWO times he's stayed here. Even if I had wanted to throw up, I would have had to fight for the bathroom, as both CTat and FNA re-tasted their stomach contents. In fact, I was the only person not to ralph. How's that for karma?

It was a freaking awesome weekend. The weather was beautiful and we had a b.l.a.s.t. Started drinking about 6 on Friday, and didn't stop until a bloody at brunch on Sunday. We hit wineries, danced on 80s nite, drank long islands, smoked cigars, played drinking games on the porch, and yes, did shots of jagermeister. It was just the kind of weekend away I needed.

You know who should feel really lucky I was out of town? Reggie Bush. Apparently he was in town for the White House Correspondents Dinner, rubbing elbows with Sanjaya. How does that feel, REGGIE? How's the cancer research coming, REGGIE!?

Sally and friends (with Steezy behind the camera) outside the 2005 Heisman ceremony


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