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Friday, April 06, 2007

A hodge podge you might say

From an earlier IM conversation:

LY: jesus christ is right!
LY: it's his second birthday!
Steez: he's just like me! Another thing i have in common with Jesus!
LY: yes, but of course he only had one every 33 or so years.
LY: not twice a year.
Steez: whatever

This evening when I got home I hopped on scoots and ran to rent movies and get some eats. I was sitting at a light, and these three guys were walking to their car. One of them walked up to me and said, "Can I ask you a question?" Thinking he was going to ask me about scoots, I obliged. "Will you marry me?" I almost said yes because I was so impressed with his ability to get drunk by 6:15.

I had never really considered Scoots to be a pick-up device, but it totally will be. I was emailing with Timmy yesterday and he suggested the following

"fake crashing in front of hot dudes with big muscles. Then you get what you want with pity, and when they ask if you are alright you say 'let's kiss.'"

He really is Albert Einstein.

I would be remiss if I didnt bitch about the weather. F-ing highs in the 40s today, SNOW PREDICTED FOR TONITE. Ridiculous. Sometimes I really hate this city. I had an outstanding week at work, and I'm really liking the new job. Those of you who have ever shared a bed with me (and there are many of you) or really ever shared oxygen with me know that I have the jitter bug disease: I'm always wiggling my foot, rocking myself, tapping my toe, something. I'm in capable of sitting still. This afternoon I was sitting at my desk writing some stuff up and I was pounding my heel into the ground (up and down) so hard i banged my knee on my desk. That obviously meant I was anxious, which meant I had a lot of work to do, and that feels so damn good. In a year (or in a few months) when I'm griping about how miserable I am because I'm working so hard, remind me how friggin awful it is to do nothing.

And finally, since this is "in theory" a sports blog, I'd ALSO be remiss if I didn't mention the departure of Billy Gillespie from A&M. Someone on BON said that it's more fun to play the Gaggies when they're good and we get to see really great games (like the one that ended the season) then it is when they go 0-16 in the Big 12. A good point, but I prefer winning. Always. Every time. Winning is freaking great. In fact, it's the best.


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lovely page, blessed,c ya


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