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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Don't Judge Me

Two times this afternoon I walked out the door to the gym...once on Scootz and once on foot (because it was drizzling). And both times I turned around and came back. So instead I'm sitting here on my fat ass that only went to the gym twice this week, wishing I'd ordered two gyros instead of one. Tomorrow, Lucifer will apparently be controling the weather so doubtful I'll be able to go then. If you want to piss me off you can bring that up.

Anyways, after three nites + a day of boozing this week, I've stayed dry (for the most part) this weekend. Last week Yatesie had an Easter brunch (and nothing was overcooked!) and I got pretty toasty. It made me think of Thanksgiving when I went to K-dogs house and got really toasty (i.e. I gave a toast I don't remember). It's funny how different the holidays are when you're away from the parentals. FUnny in a good way.

So as part of my stay-at-home evenings, last nite I watched "The Prestige." Great movie, but I figured out the twist about half-way through. I'm too smart for Hollywood. This evening I was considering another On Demand evening but "The Princess Diaries" is on Disney, and who can pass up a chance to see Anne Hathaway at her rawest. I can't believe this girl was in Devil Wears Prada. No fair...I want a makeover.

Lastly, if you have five minutes, go look at Matt Nordgren's pictures on Facebook. They're outstanding.


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