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Thursday, March 08, 2007

What's better then being in picture with Vince?

Being in a picture with Vince twice.

This was taken after the A&M game during Vince's redshirt year. We were buddies with him because he lived on the same floor as one of my RA friends, and because my friends were big groupies and stalked various players. Not me. I never did that. Not once.* Coincidentally, it is in fact that very same RA friend who I have blocked out in this picture.

Thinking back to Vince's redshirt year is kind of like wondering what people did at work before the internet. We didn't know what we were missing and now we wonder how we'd ever get by without. Siiiiiigh.

*Okay, that's a lie. Some time when I have a chance I'm going to post the 1500 pictures I have of me and Ungar (and one of me and his parents, or as I referred to them, "the in-laws". Many people like to "claim" that they loved Ungar. But not only did I love him, he loved me right back. UNGARRRRRRR!!!


At 11:55 AM , Anonymous Nuts said...

Hey me and my friends started the Ungar sign in the band, yes dorky I know, but we were famous in the press box for it.

At 4:04 PM , Blogger Steezy said...

Oh Nuts...we're like two ships passing in the nite.


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