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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well that was a thrilla

Two overtimes. TWO OVERTIMES. I still have a hard time understanding how A&M got good at basketball. Someone explain that to me.

So anyhooies, though at times it seemed like we were trying to give them the game, we pulled out a biggun in Austin last nite. Can Rick Barnes seriously spend some time today and tomorrow practicing inbounds passes? For chrissakes, two lazy lobs in OT (one of which was stolen) almost gave me a heart attack. What did give me a heart attack was mothereffer Acie Law. I give props to his clutchness, but only minor props because he choose to spend his college years in College Station. Again, someone explain that to me.

Now all of sudden we could win the g-d Big 12!? When/How did that happen!? I feel like just a month ago I was whining because it was sad that we were wasting our one season with KD. And I know for sure I'm not the only one remembering what lil freshman Carmelo Anthony did as a freshman for Syracuse...especially since I was in New Orleans, on the fifth row, when he did it. I'll never cheer for that jerk.

Unfort, it looks doubtful that I'll be able to enjoy the game this Saturday, as I'll be in Seattle and the game starts at 9 freaking A.M. I have to say with absolute certainty that the best time zone in the country is the central time zone. Here on the East Coast, everything ends too late, and on the West Coast everything starts too damn early (i.e. a 5 p.m. kick-off for the Rose Bowl, just when you're liver's getting warmed up).

Anyways, enough of that. FTP last nite asked if I would write something about the whole PacMan Jones saga. I would be more amused by the whole thing if he didn't play for the Titans, and wasn't a huuuuuuge impact player on their team. With Vince on their side, the team will still be fine...but it's annoying. I do want to sincerely thank Mr. Jones for introducing the term "Make it Rain" into my vocabulary. At this point it may replace "oh snap" as my most oft used frase. IN FACT just yesterday I was stunned to hear a song of that very name come streaming through my online radio (which speaking of, I'm tired of launch.com...anyone have other streaming radio suggestions? And yes I've been told about the awesome wonderment of Pandora, but it doesn't 100% agree with me yet. Anyways, help a sister out if you can).

I'll see about posting updates from Seattle. I assume Daphers is in the 20th Century and has internet. Everyone cross their fingers that this is a cameras-restricted weekend.


At 11:26 PM , Anonymous Nuts said...

Why o why are we hoping for a camera restricted weekend?

At 7:37 AM , Blogger Steezy said...

Because there will be much debauchery and I dont need any more incriminating pictures of myself floating around planet earth...


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