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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well that sucked

Up by more than 20 in the first half, only to lose by less than 5 in overtime. ANNOYING. I don't think winning would have put us at a 3 seed which I suppooooose is what really matters, but it still hurts to lose. Hurts very deeply.

We're looking at an every-day-could-be-your-last scenario with Mr. Kevin Durant. THey talked to his mom during the first half, and when they were done I said outloud to the no one else I was watching the game with "Well she was a delightful woman." During the OSU game she was sitting next to Danny Ainge, and she said she didnt know who he was until she saw it on Sportscenter. Whether I believe that or not doesn't matter...it's still adorable. I might just look Miss. Pratt up and give her a call to tell her how happy I could make her son as a wife...Don't think I won't.

Actually, last fall I was flying back to Austin for the Tech game, and the guy boarding the plane behind me was on the phone talking about his son Kevin's basketball game...and then mentioned that he was oging to Austin to see Coach Barnes. I was like "HELLO KEVIN DURANT'S FATHER." I didn't say anything right then because I didnt want it to be obvious that I had been eavesdropping, but I crossed my fingers the stars would align on that Southwest flight and that I'd be sitting right next to him.

I was not. Opportunity ruined. I regret it to this day. In fact I probably wont sleep tonite because of it.

So I havent done any bracket studying yet. I usually fill out two brackets. One that I just go through and fill it out using my gut, and one that I fill out after reading what everyone else said was the right pick. I actually usually do better when I don't go with my gut, which I think should be a guide for how I live my life. Roomie and I have said on numerous ocassions that we need to drink from the George Costanza well of knowledge, in regards mostly to the opposite sex: take whatever your instinct is and do the opposite. So I guess if my gut is telling me that a guy is a tool, I should hook up with him!! Woo! 2007 is gonna be a slutty year!! (JK MOM!)

I'm debating whether or not to "get sick" on Thurs/Friday. I HATE being at work with the Madness going on. It's the most unproductive two days of the year for the American workplace. I personally would rather have one/both of these days off then have Veterans Day off...I mean SCREW THE VETS! I WANNA WATCH BBALL!! And can't we celebrate our nation's war heros by watching som g-d college hoops!? Can I get a wha-what?


At 4:51 PM , Anonymous The Bear said...

So you're telling me there's a chance. Yeah! I read ya.


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