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Friday, March 16, 2007


This morning on Sportscenter they asked "Can you have an NCAA tournament without Duke?"

Um, yes. Yes you can.

I picked a VCU upset, so I'm even more ecstatic. By happenstance, there was a large contingent of VCU fans at Rhodeside Grill last nite, so I was able to get the answers to "where the heck is VCU" (Richmond) and "I don't even know what their mascot is" (Rams). Sad since, you know, I LIVE in Virginia. But whatevs. I'm embarassed to admit this, but I used to (way back in 6th/7th grade) be a Duke fan. I had Duke basketball and Duke tshirts that I adored. But that was because (even in my innocent youth) I liked winners. Duke was an obvious choice since they had won back-to-back championships. It wasn't until the wiseness of 10th grade settled in that I realized that Dookies weren't just BLUE Devils, they were Lucifer incarnate. And after seeing us get annihilated twice by Duke in NYC in person, I hate them all the more. JJ Redick is on my list, along with Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush and your mom.

Just kidding...your mom is so sweet.

There was the most adorable article about KD on the front page of the Post yesterday (HOMETOWN BOI!!!). My favorite part is that since he's only had time to get one tatoo: his mom's name over his heart. I think his mom is so adorable I might just get it tatooed over my heart as well.

Hoping for a stomping tonite. And I agree with Kirk Bohls that we need some secondary players to have really strong tourneys (Craig Winder perhaps) so the heat will be off of KD a little bit. Go horns!


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