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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pooooorrrr Aggies

OMG how totally prophetic was it that A&M lost partly because Acie Law IV missed a wide open lay up with less than a minute left!? OMG SO AWESOME RIIIIIIGHT!!!

The Bear and I just got back from watching the early games, and we discussed the politics of being a Texas fan and cheering for the Aggies. I personally can't stomach it. The Bear is from College Station and has "numerous" ties there. So fine. I dont personally believe that Longhorns who cheer for the gaggies are unloyal or unpure fans. I think you can be a diehard fan and still wish the Aggies well when their success does not impede on the success of Texas. I'm also not the type of fan that's going say after a loss to the Gaggies (or really anyone) "they played a good game and I wish them well." I'm not that classy.

What I will not stand for is a Texas fan who will root for OU. That's just wrong. That's like rooting for you mom to kill your dad. You just don't do it. I dont buy the "Cheer for the Big 12" mentality...not when it comes to the Sooners. They f-ing suck at existing.

Anyways, I found this via Deadspin yesterday, and it is frigging hilarious. My favorite (of course):


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