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Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh my God you guys!!


I went and picked it up this evening. Thankfully the Bear and Yatesie went with me and then guided me home in case I had any driving troubles. I did not. It's super easy to drive, and did I mention that it's cute? And that I look cute on it? I mean as cute as one can look in a giant white helmet on your tiny noggin. Once I got home I parked it for a few minutes and then took it out again. I could see people checking me out...probably because it's so cute.

So anyways, this is my first real grown up purchase. I mean Ive bought two laptops since graduating college, but this...THIS is machinery!! Dude...I get upwards of 35 mph on that baby. Booya suckas!!

They're showing the last three episodes of Six Feet Under on Bravo tonite. The first time I saw the episode right after Nate dies I cried through the whole thing. Literally I cried for the entire hour. And then like an hour later I got my "monthly bill" which helped it make sense because I didnt really care too much for Nate. The series finale of this show is probably one of the greatest hours of TV ever written and produced. Brilliant. I highly recommend it.


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