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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How have I not...

...mentioned my current obsession with purchasing a scooter? I mean for chrissakes, it's all I've been talking about since I got back from Seattle, and yet I dont see a single post about it. WTF STEEZ!? GET A GRIP!

SO I decided while I was in Seattle that I needed to buy a moped. I've been without a mode of transportation that doesn't involve my feet, a train, a fare or FTP for almost four years. Four years of not paying for gas/insurance/car payments. Literally thousands of dollars I've saved. Probably more then $15,000 I'd suspect. What the hell happened to that money? Oh wait, I think I know, and I think it tastes great and is less filling.

Back on track...though I've been really thinking about buying a car for a while, I recognized that doing so would require a major lifestyle change (and I'm not giving up drinking or DVR...that's for dang sure). Unfortunately the new job didn't really come with a raise in salary (though I'm putting that extra $35 to good use...yes ma'am I am). I had finally given up on buying something until I arrived on the coast to the left to the left. I don't know exactly how the discussion came up, but it was like a light bulb went off..."Duh Steez. You should buy a scooter."

So I've spent the last two weeks studying up. I'm not getting a Vespa because that was made in Italy, and the Italians are only good with carbs. Because I will primarily use it for errand running and driving home drunk from the bars, I don't need something that is the moped equivalent of a minivan. I just need something cute. These are my final candidates:

This is the Buddy. It comes in orange and pink and it is very obviously my favorite. I look at it and my eyes well up with tears.

This is the Honda Metropolitan. It is also adorable, and was made by the Japanese who know how to makes cars. And toys. And raw fish.

And this is the JM Star. It is not that cute, but it's for sale (for the right price) on craigslist right now, and it may be the winner. The only problem is that it might be mildly embarassing to show up at this guys house to "test drive it" and have to admit that I have never actually been on one before. Hmmm....

I'll keep you posted.



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