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Monday, March 12, 2007

Ah dang

Byebye Jody.

I love this picture because it has my two favorite Texas Women: Jody C and Ann Richards.

I know it was time for her to go, but it's still quite a sad day for Texas. I still harbored hope that Pat Summit would be rendered deaf and mute, and that Jody would pass her for all-time winningest coach. (Aside: Pat was on the board of NMAH, and I saw her in the halls a few times...bitch scares me). I can't even be sarcastic about it. That's saying something.

On a less depressing note (though really that depends on your perspective): Tonite I went to the gym. I locked up my stuff, went to the bathroom, hung up my jacket, and hopped on the elliptical with my Entertainment Weekly (I know I've had a busy weekend if it's Monday and I still haven't read my EW...it's like a crack addict going through withdrawl). I've been on for about 5 minutes when suddenly I realize that I have no f-ing clue where the key to my lock is. It's not in my pocket, or the cup holder. I have no visual memory of what I did after I pulled it out of the lock. I finished up my 35 minutes and checked all the bathroom stalls, checked the floor, checked my coat pocket...everywhere. Figuring I the logistics wouldnt change drastically, I finished the last half of my workout before checking with the front desk to see if someone had turned the key in. They hadn't. Instead I was handed a pair of pliers (or whatever they were) that weighed about five pounds and were about a 1.5 ft long.

Now I consider myself to be an above average cutie...I mean, at least like a 6 or 7 out of 10, though granted some of those points come from my sparkling personality and killer stomach. But for chrissake there is nothing less awesome then walking through the gym carrying ginormous pliers because you were too stupid to remmember where you put your g-d locker key. Seriously...a low point of my life.


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