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Sunday, February 04, 2007

So what did you come for?


Justin was pretty much the shit. I pretty much loved him. Pretty much.

My last day of work was on Wednesday, and as Justin once sang, "Though you were underpaid, that place isn't worth your tears." Totally agree. My two days of unemployment (next time I quit a job, someone beat me if I say I'm only taking two days off) were spent in preparation for the concert. Thursday, Sally and I went shopping for outfits and accessories. It's really nice to spend four hours at the mall without there being a huge crowd and without any place else to be. Friday I was quite pleased to go to my mailbox and find this waiting for me:

That's right...Justin on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, arriving on the very day I'm going to see Justin. That's divine intervention for you!

Pre-concert we hit happy hour at RFD where conversations included whether touching Justin would be enough to get one of us pregnant, which of us would be the first to show our boobs, and what we would/should do to Jessica Biel if she showed her face.

Now, when we initially bought the tix back in October, we thought they were floor general admission. Then last week, as we looked closer at them, we noticed that there were row and seat numbers which meant we diddnt need to get to the Verizon Center as early. Well, turns out that was bullheimer, as they were in fact general admission. Since we didn't arrive until about half-way through Pink's set, we weren't as right up in the action as we could have been. Pink, by the way, really rocked. She has a lot of hit songs, and girl can sport a bathing suit that would make Princess Leia jealous.

But finally it was the moment I'd been emptying my bladder for for three hours. We had all tried to guess what song he'd open with, and none of us were right: it was "FutureSex/LoveSounds" the title track from the new album. I'd say it's one of my favorites, but they're ALL my favorites.

The show was off the chain. He sang every song from the new album except for one ("Boutique in Heaven" which I like but is really cheesy); he sang several songs from Justified; he sang "Gone" from his N*Sync days which was the song that told the world "yea, I don't need these dudes." But Justin didnt just sing. He sat down at the piano for several songs, and he jammed out on a guitar for several songs. And most importantly...he danced. The thing that man does with his hips....mmmmmmm. Anyways, here are some pics. Do enjoy please:

This is just before Justin came out. First, the picture does not do justice to how hot I looked. Second, this was just before we beat bitches down who said that one of them was going to do it with Justin.

You got me LoveStoned

This is during the dance break for "My Love" which he opened the MTV Video Music Awards with. It is completely UNREAL. But it's also real because I saw it.

Man alive I want to make babies with this man.

Seriously. I want to do what they do on the Discovery Channel...or actually the National Geographic Channel.

The money shot. I forget what song he was singing, but he looked me right in the eye, winked, and mouthed "The Four Seasons, room 610." That's allllll I'm saying.


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