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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

So thiiiis is what it's like to be Reggie Bushwhack

Kevin Durant is getting crazy love right now, and it's so awesome. Everyone still thinks Greg Oden should go #1, and I think that the team that picks Greg Oden number 1 will be my new least favorite NBA team (replacing the Lakers and the Mavericks). Again I gotta say...I wish PJ, Daniel and Lamarcus would have stuck around another season to play with this guy. Sh*t, even ONE of them sticking around would have been awesome. I sort of expect KD to take us on a Carmelo-like run through the tourney. SNAPZ!

Speaking of Reggie Bush...I call b.s. on this. Everyone knows RB is gay. Gaaaaaay!!! When she figures it out, Ciara will one-two-step her way right outta New Orleans. Hey-O!

The "2007 It's Cold As F*ck" winter weather continues. I really hoped we'd be closed today, but we weren't. Then the federal government closed at 2, and despite the fact that I was told explicitly in orientation yesterday that we always follow the federal government, we did not. We were told we would remain open, but any employee that felt they needed to leave should do so and would get paid for the whole day. No one in my department left, and I really didn't want to be the new girl who left at 2. So I stayed. Booooooooo.

Seriously god...give us tomorrow off. Ice this shit up!!


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