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Thursday, February 08, 2007

No farting around time

Dudes, I'm trying not to piss off the new workplace so I don't want to be blogging at work and saying @SS, F*CK, D@MN!! I'm so crazy!! CRAZY!!!

Anyways, FTP sent me this link today, and I have to say it is worth about a million dollars. I'm not paying that amt though...I'm going to let the insurance companies take care of that.

My mom emailed me and said, "congrats on the #3 recruiting class." I don't know if I'm more amazed that she knew it was signing day or if that she got it wrong (we were #5...duh). They're saying this is the best class since Vince. I dont want to, you know, talk smack...because I love Mack. But motherheffer, I think I remember hearing about how off the chain last year's class was, and I cant name one "Cedric Benson" or "Derrick Johnson" or "Rod Wright" on last year's class. Does that make me dumb, or does that make YOU dumb. Think about it....


At 10:01 AM , Blogger Steezy said...

Yes. I was slightly drunk when I wrote this. Sue me.

At 11:31 AM , Anonymous Nuts said...

Already drawing up the papers.


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