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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Lettuce is such CRAP. When I say that I don't want lettuce on a sandwich, the sandwich artists look at me like I just asked them to sprinkle cocaine on it. It doesn't matter if I tell the nice burrito makers at Chipotle that I want lettuce, they try to put it on anyway. Why is this America? What has the lettuce lobby done to our country that people think it's impossible to have a sandwich or a taco or a burrito without lettuce? Seriously, what does that shit add to what you're eating? NOTHING! If anything, when you take a bite into lettuce-filled sandwich ALL YOU TASTE IS WATERCREST.

The whole things makes me wanna shake a baby.

That's all.


At 10:20 PM , Anonymous Sally said...

OMG. I HATE lettuce too. Like if you go to subway or potbelly's, and they ask if you want "anything else" besides tomato on your sandwich, and they reach for lettuce bin. I'm always like, "STEP OFF BITCH, I DON'T WANT YOUR SMELLY OLD VAGETABLES"

Green foods are for losers

At 11:51 PM , Anonymous bellefay1 said...

did you know...

"i don't want lettuce" is code at taco bell for leave the lettuce.

At 1:02 PM , Blogger Dave said...

You should eat spinage instead.

Spinage. Yeah, I said it.

At 10:58 AM , Anonymous Savvy said...

I heard bagged spinach is to die for!


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