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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Woot Woot

Big changes for Steez. As of yesterday I have resigned my position here and accepted a position here. I'm EXTREMELY excited. EXTREMELY. Like, EXTREMELY EXTREMELY.

The celebration of this momentous occasion kept me from watching the basketball game last nite, and I regret that more than I regret that last caraffe of sangria. I'm making up for it though this weekend with a trek up to Philly to see KD in person when we take on Villanova. The Exes rented a bus and you best be sure that I'll be packing a gallon or two of bloody marys. It's going to be a long awesome day.

Oh yeah, and I got a new rad job. Woot!


At 11:32 AM , Anonymous The Bear said...

Congrats, Steez!!!

At 3:55 PM , Anonymous PB at BON said...

That's pretty awesome. Natl Geographic has a sweet building at a sweet location. Awesomeness.


At 11:47 PM , Anonymous Billiam said...

An era has ended... Cocktails?



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