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Thursday, January 25, 2007

This morning I woke up to a Reggie Bush probe

I always knew he was a gay.

The "Reggie Bush thinks he's the shit and can get away with anything including having agents buy his parents a house" investigation isn't dead yet. This morning they're saying there are tapes that prove he knew what was up. I really wish I could find these reporters from Yahoo Sports and buy them something really dawesome for staying on top of this. I would almost suspect that they have Longhorn blood in them. Love you boo!

Staying with the theme of Reggie Bush sucking at life, I wanted to jump through the screen and break his tibia during the Saints/Bears game. I will give him credit for an amazing touchdown run. But it was not at all necessary for him to turn around and point and yell at the Bears defenders as he ran it in. And it was f*cking ridiculous for him to then jump and flip into the end zone. He may be a good player, but in his head he is a God (thanks for that ESPN). Look for no further evidence then his attempted lateral during the Rose Bowl. No other player in his right mind would have tried to do that, but he's like "Yo mister! I'm Reggie Bush! Look at my striped shirt! I can do whatever I wanna do, including lateral the ball to a walk on reciever who isn't looking in my direction!"

Seriously...I will be praying for RB's demise for the rest of his days...long after he's done with football.


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Who are you? Are you in Austin?


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