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Monday, January 29, 2007

Poor Nordco

Just noticed this on ESPN.com. It reminded me that his big brother had been committed to Tennessee until switching over to Texas at the last minute. That in turn made me wonder what the f my college years would have been like without Christopher Simms and more importantly without the Christopher Simms/Major Applewhite draaaaaama. And since Major graduated when I was a junior, there's a chance I could have spent my senior year watching Matt Friggin Nordgren leading my boys. That is crazy. It's also crazy that he may actually be MORE of a pretty boy then Christopher is. I bet Nordco still has his spleen though. I think he got signed by the Eagles and then cut four days later. Sounds about right.

In other news, I'm watching the best episode of Six Feet Under right now ("I'm Sorry, I'm Lost"). It's after Lisa disappears and Nate's in total self-destruct mode. I think I love this show because it reminds me that my life could be a lot more f*cked up. Thank you HBO!!

My roomie's mom sent us three dozen homemade tamales today. So hot. I plan to eat at least a dozen of them during my two days of unemployment this week. Actually scratch that...mama don't need to put on any extra weight before seeing Justin from ROW ZERO. A little pee just came out.


At 12:19 PM , Anonymous Nuts said...

I blame Chris Simms for my alcohol dependency, the damn Colorado Big XII title game destroyed me. Jack Daniels heal my reopened wounds.

At 1:04 PM , Blogger Steezy said...

I've written before about how I was always a Simms supporter, mostly because he's so pretty. But that Colorado game, which I saw in person, WAS the death of me. I broke my "don't boo at your own team" rule.

I like that you both hate orphans AND are a longhorn fan. Paging the man of my dreams...

At 3:10 PM , Anonymous Nuts said...

I was also at that game, back in my band nerd days. I was also a Simms supporter and thought the coaches made the right call, but then again I used to believe in Santa also.


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