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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Not a whole lot to say today

Except that once again, I really really really hate American Idol. I find
negative a million things redeeming about this show. I despise it with all
of my heart. Last nite when I got home, I found it playing on our TV (Roomie
nowhere in sight) to which I exclaimed "OH HELL NO" and changed it. Later I
went to my friend neighborhood attorney's house to celebrate the new job,
only to find them watching it. I sat down and said, "yeah...if we're
seriously watching this, I'm going to need a drink."

Perhaps my intense hatred of this show has something to do with my
questionable moral values. I mean, give me a "Flavor of Love" marathon and
I'm hard pressed to leave the couch. AI is so sugary sweet I want to vomit.

But you know actually, it's not. Right now of course they're doing the "oh
my god listen to how awful these singers are" episodes. I'm surprised
they've never been sued over these. Last nite, they profiled these two super
nerdy guys who were trying out, and I would swear that one if not both of
them were mentally retarded. And yet STILL the producers send them through
to Simon to be mocked so we can all have a hoot at their expense. I feel
like if you go on the Real World or even Beauty and the Geek you know what
you're getting into in terms of mocking. Not the same here. It's annoying.

(Really I hate even typing about this topic)

Three more reasons to hate this show: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Ryan
Seacrest. Randy Jackson acts like he's top shit. But really, if AI ended
tomorrow (and god how I wish it would) he would be on the Surreal Life in a
matter of weeks. He survives only off what he makes on this show. Paula is a
train wreck of low self esteem and over-medication. And Seacrest...Christ!
Why does he keep getting more jobs!!! He is a weasily cocky motherf***er who
everyone makes fun of (and I don't think anyone in Hollywood actually
respects him) and yet he's on every freaking medium. Soon I'm sure he'll
have his own magazine, which no one will buy, but which will still lead him
to a book publishing deal.

Notice I didn't say Simon. He's the only one that takes this sh*t (and I do
mean SH*T) seriously, and he always seems annoyed to be there. I'm annoyed
you're there too Simon. So make them cancel the show please.

The worst part of the whole thing is that from now to May it's all anyone
will want to talk about. I wish I could punch you all out for that.

Damn...that felt good.


At 6:15 PM , Anonymous Brett said...

I hate AI too, though the only redeeming part in my opinion is watching Simon brutally mock and humiliate the delusions twits who think they can sing. I guess that makes me a cruel asshole. oh well.


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