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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Long. Day.

Phew, yesterday was a long ass day. First and foremost, I set a new personal record for earliest time to start drinking: 8:30 a.m. Sally and I thought we'd be so f-ing awesome that we had bloody fixings for the ride. Then a truck pulls up and unloads a shit-ton of food, beer and champagne. Scratch that.

The game was less than entertaining. I've decided that I'm no longer going to travel to basketball games. I've seen us lose to Duke twice, to Syracuse in the final four. No more. Sorry Vladimir Barnes. I'm sure you'll be fine without me.

I walked back into my apartment just before 9 and went straight to bed. Because I like to fall asleep watching tv, I turned on TBS and saw the tailend of "Deep Impact." Any movie with Tea Leoni is okay in my book (psych). I woke up three hours later, washed my face and all that jazz, get back in bed to find that "Deep Impact" is on AGAIN, and it's at the exact same point it was when I turned it on the first time. I know, totally creepy, right? I think that Morgan Freeman should run for president in real life. I'd totally vote for him just because his beard is so dang sexy.

Anyways, I slept until noon today, and then spent the better part of an hour trying to psych myself up to go get coffee. It was one of those mornings where I really wished I had a g-d car. I did end up going and the coffee tasted even sweeter thanks to my personal victory. Now I'm watching football while Roomie cleans the kitchen. I won this round of "see who gives in and does the dishes." Usually she wins. Like I said...big day.

I dont care much for the NFL but picking the teams to cheer for is pretty easy. I will not ever cheer for Reggie "still aint cured Cancer" Bush, and the Bears have both CBens and Nasty Nate Vasher on their team. Plus, who really wants to hear about "how much this Saints team has meant to the city of New Orleans" for the next two weeks. I really don't. Later, I of course am rooting for my boooiii DT and the pats. I think Peyton Manning is a selfish asshole and I honestly hope he never wins a Super Bowl. But if/when the Bears win today, I dont think there's anyway they win the SB with Sexy Rexy at qb. That guy showed up in the NFL looking like a ten-year-old, and his way of changing that was to get fat. So now he looks like a chubby pre-teen.

Two last things...first, I wonder how Matt Hasselback feels seeing a commercial of him getting tackled by the creepy Burger King mascot-type-thing. Embaraaaassing. Second, since being in SA for Christmas I've developed an obession with Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I'm trying to decide if I should watch that when it comes on Bravo at 6 or watch football. Tough choices. Say a prayer that I make the right call.


At 5:25 PM , Anonymous PB at BON said...

A few thoughts:

First, it's clear you're the Bad Luck Girl for the hoops team. I'll second your motion to not attend any more games. Gracias.

Second, I like the Burger King guy. I cannot explain this. But I do. I suspect that it is because I, as a 27 year old male, am the intended audience of the ad.

Third, Kevin Durant is way better than he played yesterday. Sorry to see that you didn't get to watch him dominate.


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