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Monday, January 22, 2007

It's my favorite day of the year

The Pro-Life rally on the Mall!! Man I just love it when the right-wing
fundamentalist Christian crazies converge on my city on the stretch of grass
at my place of work and march with signs. Gets my blood pumping! I feel just
awful that it's so cold outside, and that the ground is full of icy muddy
slush. I wish I had enough blankets to give to all of you soldiers. But
since I don't, here instead is a virtual hug.


No seriously, I ran out to get lunch a few minutes ago and walking in my
direction was a couple pulling a wagon of kids in it (it was a big wagon!
jealous much!?). Walking alongside this wagon were five other kids. That
makes for eight total, all younger than 13. The sight of that made my uterus
go infertile, so I no longer have to participate in the abortion debate.


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