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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I think it's time

Last year, about 30 days before the Greatest. Day. Ever. we had a dark day
in the land of longhorn. On the very same day, in the very same city, the
Texas basketball team got walloped by Duke, and Vince Young lost the
Heisman. For many of us leaving the Meadowlands in the afternoon, we were
shellshocked, having forgotten what it's like to lose. But we were bouyed by
cries "But we got Vince tonite." And then he lost too. It was

I don't want to discount what a great and well fought game last year's Rose
Bowl was, but I don't think anyone will question that Vince was the best
player on the field for either team, outshining not one but TWO Heisman
winners. People everywhere pontificated "if the Heisman ceremony were
today..." And it is absolutely true that if the Heisman ceremony had been
held Jan. 5, Vince Young would have another piece of hardware in his

The point I'm now getting to is this. Troy Smith looked like assholio last
nite. Seriously. People everywhere are already talking about how much his
draft stock was hurt. Less than 100 yards of total offense in a national
championship game? That's bush league, mister. So I have to wonder...if the
Heisman ceremony were held today, would Troy still win? I think the answer
is proooobably yes. If you're looking at the complete body of work, then by
all means he had the best overall season. But the Heisman isn't about the
best "overall season." If that were the case I think Vince WOULD have won
last year (no single player was more important to his team's success.
Period). If that were the case I think the other Colt from Hawaii would have
won this year. I don't think Brady Quinn would have been even invited to New

I know giving awards is a fickle business, but don't you think just maaaybe
they should be handed out after the season is completely done? Just look at
the whole Romoiasco. That beeyotch aint got no bizness in the Pro Bowl. And
though Troy Smith may have had a great season, I don't think he's worthy of
the life-long distinction he'll carry with him as a Heisman-trophy winner.
So do the honorable thing and just send it to Vince. Thank you.

For real though, how ridiculous was that game? Boring boring boring, and
for the exact opposite reason I had predicted!? I'm starting to wonder about
the Big 10's reeeeal strength this season. Their two top teams both got
taken out back, knocked around and then knocked up. I mean, it was just
uggos. I'm not happy Florida won because of the whole "fatpants" situation
(as Sally referred to it). But I can't exactly be sad about OSU losing
either, since they are such trashy fans. What really makes me sad is that
our reign as champs is over. It's depressing when I read comments on other
blogs from Florida fans...how excited and incredulous they are. I miss that
feeling. Come on Basketball team! Help me out!!


At 5:37 PM , Anonymous Sally said...

bush league? More like Reggie Bush (in last year's national championship) league.

Reggie Bush, Troy Smith: Still ain't cured cancer!

At 4:16 PM , Anonymous PB at BON said...

Kevin Durant.

That's all you need to know.

He's got a shot to be our Hoops VY.

Here's to hoping, anyway...


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