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Friday, January 26, 2007

I have many leather bound books

I just checked my statcounter and wondered why more than four people were

Welcome to readers of Burnt Orange Nation and Everyday Should be Saturday.
Thank you for making me feel blogmous. Please dont tell my mommy.


At 1:18 PM , Anonymous rob m said...

A woman who gets worked up over the slim chance that AP could end up with Tennessee and thus forcing her to root for a hated college rival.

Some people may say that is taking college football to seriously.

I say they just don't get it. nice hat by the way.

At 6:18 PM , Blogger Steezy said...

Nah...I'm pretty much certifiable.

In regards to the hat, after I'd worn it for about an hour I was informed the party hosts had found it in a dumpster. I continued to wear it anyway.

At 10:37 AM , Blogger Wooderson said...

What's up.

Just read through some of your posts after the EDSBS redirect. Your football knowledge, combined with your love for the sausce, make you suprisingly, um, hot in my book.

Do you ever come up to NYC? I'd love to buy you a drink or 12

At 2:25 PM , Blogger Steezy said...

"surprisingly" hot.


At 4:08 PM , Blogger Wooderson said...

Wow, that really sounded bad. Nice shirt.

At 9:54 PM , Blogger Steezy said...

That's better:)


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