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Monday, January 15, 2007

The Golden GLobes have lost all credibility

Beyonce NOT winning for best song is like Texas NOT winning a national championship with Vince Young. It's wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG. IM transcript from this transgression:

emsmilie: um yea
soooohot: i will kill someone if B doesn't win
emsmilie: lol
emsmilie: i bet B is crying now
soooohot: oh my god that is such fucking shit
soooohot: golden globes have lost all credibility
soooohot: it would have been perfect for jt to give it to my girl b
emsmilie: i didn't event know happy feet was a movie
emsmilie: they should tour together
emsmilie: now that would be a show
soooohot: my head would explode
soooohot: i'm so pissed about listen
soooohot: i wish i could hit someone
emsmilie: marisela?
soooohot: nah, she deserves a break
soooohot: man i wish you still lived here
soooohot: i'd invite you over and hit you really hard
emsmilie: so you could punch me?
emsmilie: jerk
soooohot: i love beyonce
soooohot: love her
emsmilie: do you?
soooohot: prince didnt even care to show up
soooohot: beyonce is sitting right there
soooohot: just give her the fucking award jt
emsmilie: you need to move on
emsmilie: there is always the grammys
emsmilie: and the oscars
soooohot: well she always wins grammys
soooohot: she has like 7


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