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Thursday, January 04, 2007

100 Things Continued

Chapter Three: Vincent

It seems appropriate to write about him on this day of days for Longhorn fans. Vince is a legend to us. Amotherf*cking legend. And I'm continuing to be conVINCEd he's going to be a legend in the NFL as well. Sunday, thankfully, the Titans/Patriots game was on local tv so I could watch it in my pjs. It was VY v. DT. Going into the day there was a list of four things that had to happen for the Titans to get into the playoffs. It was a longshot, but a lot more of a shot than anyone would have predicted the Titans would have before the season, or even five games into the season.

It turned out to be a sickening day. Vince wasn't phenomenal (for the first time ever!), and the team lost (to a very good New England team of course). I can take the loss, because man alive did Mr. Young have a great first season (ROY bitches!). What made me sick was that the other three things that had to happen...did. I have never cheered harder for any team then I did for those Denver Broncos. PLEASE win so Vince doesn't feel so bad. It had been heartbreaking
to watch him sit on the bench at the end of his game with his head in his hands. It wasn't a Vince any of us are used to seeing, and it's one I hope I never see again. Vince wants to win, and he usually wills himself and his teammates to win. The Vince I know (and who loves me) will remember what he felt like sitting on that bench and that he will work even harder to avoid being there again.

I posted a while back a comment I heard Steve Young make on ESPN. Something to effect of "who cares if Vince Young is a winner?" It was his way of joining the chorus saying that our boy doesn't have "talent"...that he's not a prototypical qb. AGAIN this weekend I heard an announcer or someone say that the NFL prognosticators are going to start having to consider "is a winner" when they are evaluating players. I ask again...why is this a surprise? Don't you want someone on your team who IS A WINNER? Isn't the point of competing to have a winner and loser? Am I missing something?

Anyways, Vince is done for now, but I have to say, he took us on another fantastic ride. I love this man.

Chapter Four: Bowl Day

In a moment of pure stupidity, I had my parents book my trip back to DC for the biggest bowl day of the year. Doh!!! It wasn't as bad as I thought though... I got to see pretty much all of the Cotton Bowl and enough of the Gator Bowl. The one big game I was going to miss was the Rose Bowl so I had my roomie record it for me, and I then hoped and hoped that it wouldnt get
ruined for me.

I had an hour+ in Hotlanta and got to see the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd. Great timing that for most of the time I was sitting there the game was at half time but whatevs. Did anyone else notice how freaking short Doug Flutie is? He was DWARFED by Craig James and whoever else was with him. I was embarassed for him and for his wife. I bet the guy who sent him a threatening note earlier this year after he jinxed Texas knew how small he was and was confident he could take him. Shit, I think I could take him!

When I finally got home, I caught up with Roomie and then flipped on the RB. For some reason our TV was f-ed up and it recorded the game without sound. Undeterred, I sat and watched the second half in silence. Or at least most of it until it got stupid. I have to imagine that I sounded like I had Tourettes or something yelling "F*CK YOU DWAYNE JARRETT!!" every five seconds even though it sounded like no TV was on. I really hate that guy. But I'll love
him if the Titans draft him!!

Anyways, after the game got stupid I turned it off and thought...hmmm...I wonder if OU Sucks is still on. Fourth quarter was just beginning, and as mentioned earlier, it was an AMAZING quarter of football.

(Even though these games did not occur on Bowl Day, they bare mentioning) I tried to watch Louisville/Wake but I was in a Tylenol Multi-Sympton Pill induced coma. But no pill was going to keep me from seeing ND/LSU. I'm pretty sure I read on Deadspin yesterday that ND was an 8 point favorite. Even if they were an 8 point underdogg, that's money I should have put down!!

ND's inclusion in this bowl was absolute bullsh*t. The got shellacked by USC and Michigan, and nearly (VERY NEARLY) lost to UCLA and Michigan State. I hope they are embarassed. What's even MORE embarassing is that they have now lost NINE straight bowl games. Read that number again...NINE. What a nightmare. Brady Quinn looked like ass, and that squealing sound you heard was his draft stock plummeting. Someone said something (my attention to detail is astounding) about him playing in Detroit next year. God I hope not. I don't want that weasely looking nerdbomb throwing to Roy. What's even more appalling to me is that some other idiot said at half time that "Brady Quinn was on fire" and that "Notre Dame is dominating the game offensively." I attribute this mediocrity and stupidity to the fact that all the BCS games were on Fox (except the Rose so that ABC/ESPN can continue to salivate over Pete Carroll and USC), which hasn't aired a SINGLE college game all year. How is "Brady Quinn on fire" when you keep talking about how they've turned to the running game? IDIOTS.

Okay, that's all from me. Tonite is bday party number deuce, and it's time to take off this sweater and get ho-y. Peace out.


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