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Monday, December 11, 2006

Vince is the word

Last post on Vince for like another 24 hours, I swear.

I was at the gym tonite reading the Bible (i.e. Entertainment Weekly) and something struck me. A few weeks ago they did a feature on a group of people who are Barbara Streisand fanatics, and in the current issue they have a couple reader mail items about that article. One of them said, "As I like to say, Moses only got to see God once--I've seen her five times." (and for the assholes in the crowd, no, it was not my dad who wrote the letter).

Anyways, that sentiment is kind of how I feel about my (our) boy Vincent Motherf$cking Young. How lucky were we to get to watch Vince every Saturday in the fall for more than two years? Most teams hope they have a qb who can perform that consistently for just part of a season. Maybe just a single game. Vincent Motherf$cking Young was clutch every time out. Two Rose Bowls. Two come-from-behinds vs. OK State. One come from behind vs. Ohio State. I'll be telling my kids about the seasons we spent watching VY. I will not, however, tell them about the things VY and I did in my head.

Update: I forgot to mention that while I was at the gym I was watching Sportscenter just so I could see the game highlights. When they showed them, one of the commentators said "Vince Young wins games," to which someone else (I think Steve Young) said "who cares if he wins games?"

Um, Steve, this isn't a f*cking quilting circle. The point of the game, and actually any sport, is to win. It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you do. So why don't you cram it up your cram-hole and go fix your toupee.


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