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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Texans...it's time to pay

Vincey plays the Houston Texans in H-town this weekend, and I just read that the Texan D has been practicing their flexibility when bending over. It's kind of like an extra longhorn game for the season, since one has to believe that the stands will be FILLED with burnt orange. I highly doubt we'll get the pleasure of seeing the game here on the east coast (and I'll be at one of three holiday parties because I am so effing popular).

Because MTV and VH1 play the same five g-d videos every morning (Fergilicious, My Love, The Fray, Snow Patrol, Hinder), I've started watching Sportscenter in the a.m. It's also a nice morning sports update since the Daily Quickie left ESPN.com. Man I wish I still had my daily quickie. Silence. Anyways, this morning they talking fantasy foozball, and put Vince on the list for a pick-up. He's available in 96% of espn.com leagues. I got him. He's mine. I'm so effing awesome.

I'm not feeling 100% inspired today. So instead, here are a bunch of fun links. I'm so effing original.

Fall Weddings
Hoge/Vincey Mash-up
Cheapest Shot of the Year

and last but not least



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