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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cold sweats

I've been on detox since Saturday nite, and my body is going into failure without booze. I can't sleep, and when I do, I wake up sweating. I can't focus at work. I went to Trader Joes tonite and almost passed out walking by a beer display on my way to check out. I'm a jittery person most of the time, but for the last five days I've been pounding my toe against the ground (instead of just tapping). And just because God likes to mess with me (see Sooner love story) right now, locked in my office, is all the alcohol for our staff holiday party next week. "Oh, Stephanie, you're leaving early...let's just put these three boxes of the good stuff in YOUR office." GREAT idea. GREAT. I'm THRILLED.

Being sober is sooooo lame. L-A-M-E.

I think you can join me in thanking god that this all ends tomorrow. CMart is coming to town for his bday, and then I have three Christmas parties and a concert to be at the rest of the weekend. You gotta love the holidays!!

Despite (or maybe because of) my alcoholism, I'm a major gym addict. Every weekend I plan out my week to figure out which nights I can go to the gym after work, or if there are days I can get there during lunch (in particular of course for Hans' class tomorrow). It should be noted that I plan gym visits around happy hours, not the other way around. Anyway, as I planned out my gym time this week I realized that I could go at any time I wanted to on Saturday. No "College Gameday" dilemma. No big-game-of-the-day dilemma. No Longhorn game.

And you know, I gotta say...not that broken up about it.

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT happy football season is over. But this season there just wasn't so much to get excited about (nationally I mean...not just in regards to Texas). The Heisman race has been locked up for months. No need for signs outside of the Nokia Theater reading "Go Home Pretty Boys, we like 'em YOUNG" or "Reggie Bush still aint cured cancer so quit acting like he did." The whole Michigan/Florida debate is just aggravating...Bob Loblaw, Bob Loblaw, Bob Loblaw. Maybe it's just because I've felt like our season ended months ago. The last "real" game I watched was OSU on Nov. 4, more than a month ago (recall here that I missed KSU and that the team that played A&M were not my longhorns...looked like them, but they were not my longhorns).

I suppose we've just gotten too used to the BCS excitement. I'll never forget being on a bus back from NYC when CMart called to say we landed in the Rose Bowl. I'll never forget watching said Rose Bowl in the middle of the nite in London. And I'm pretty sure I'll never forget being nervous before last year's Big 12 Championship that we'd crash and burn (final score: 3000-3). I did however forget about last year's Rose Bowl. What happened there again?

There really isn't a defining memory from this season. There are plenty of story lines, but no single memory. Kind of sad. But maybe I'm just depressed because I'm sober*.

*My drinking problem has been greatly exaggerated. Please, no one call Rev. Steez. She worries too much already. I BEG YOU! I'll get help! I swear! This time will be different!!!


At 11:11 AM , Anonymous PB @ BON said...


Vince is the story. Start watching Titans games each Sunday. It's like watching Texas again. Seriously.

I'll be in H-town for the Titans-Texans game Sunday! Woot!

At 11:36 AM , Blogger Steezy said...

BOO ON YOU! I guess I can't complain having seen him beat the Redskins (and making hand babies with him).

Vince for Rookie of the Year!


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