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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve gift

We used to play this dumb game in my family where you had tried to be the first one to yell "(insert holiday) gift!" at someone. I never won which is why I probably hated it.

Back in SA as of last nite. It was a long ass day, starting with the breakage of my luggage as I pulled it off my bed to take out to the cab. My parents gave me new luggage for Christmas last year because with my new job I expected to be traveling a lot (and I have...Pittsburgh and NYC....BOOYA). When FTP and I arrived in LA for the Rose Bowl, said luggage had been shredded. It's basically shit. But I digress.

Check in took forfrigginever (during which time I snapped at my mom twice), but then I met Sally for a few minutes to give her her Christmass present...the Christmas present in my other bag at home.

Anyways, once I was in the air it was pretty uneventful. This month's issue of Vanity Fair is one of the best I've ever read, and because articles in that magazine are short novels, it took me the entire trip to get through it. On my leg from Hotlanta to San Antone to the Bone the woman sitting next to me stared at me the entire time. I could feel her eyes on me the ENTIRE TIME. When I put down VF to do a crossword puzzle, she watched as I did that. Finally I looked over at her, she looked up at me and then turned toward the window and "slept." For about 15 minutes until she was back in my face again. Don't make the Steezer cut a bitch.

After pounding back a Cabana Bowl last nite, I woke up this morning to an empty house. My parents were apologetic, but both had to work. What's really great is that I can't go anywhere since I don't have a vehicle here. It really is awesome. They were kind enough to make me a fresh pot of shitty coffee, which I had a few sips of while having the Express News remind me of the five reasons why the longhorns are playing in my home town. What happened next was awesome. The downstairs toliet flooded. Thankfully it wasn't because I'd left it a twosie, it just wouldnt stop running. I finally got it to stop after aboug five minutes, and with about an inch of standing water on the floor. It took every towel in the house and a few more from the garage to get it all soaked up. While going back and forth from the garage, my dog Rocky came inside the house. Rocky is a 14-year-old miniature dachshund. He's OLD. And in typical old man fashion, he just goes to the bathroom when he pleases. So after finally finishing the mess in the bathroom, I discovered a new mess in the living room.

Yep, it's good to be home.

One last note...I have counted five nativity scenes in my house and there are too many angels to count. I'd guess more than 25. My mom is really trying to save my soul. TOO LATE!!


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