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Monday, November 27, 2006


-Jeff Fisher, Tennessee Titans coach

So almost as if to rub salt in our wounds, Vince decided to have a career-making day yesterday, bringing the Titans back from 21-0 in the fourth quarter. Lendale White even said he was happy to be on the winning side of the Vince Young show. I've yet to see any of the game highlights (I fell asleep during SportsCenter), but I can imagine how it went down...ho-hum, break a tackle, yawn, yawn, scramble for a first down. Oh Vincey, we miss you brother.

Then today comes the news that Gene Chizik is the new head coach at Iowa State. I'm happy for him I guess. He was a pretty good DC for us, though seriously questionable at times this year. What pisses me off is that he stayed in our conference. Gene, don't make me cut a bitch.

Anyways, I'm sitting here on my couch facing another dilemma about going to the gym. I really need to go considering the run of disgustingly massive amounts I've consumed in the last seven days. But usually when I go, I go right after work and it's not a matter of getting up and walking for 15 minutes. I just can't do it captain, i don't have the power....

I did a really awesome thing earlier...I decided to clean up my computer because I think I may have a virus. And as part of that I decided it might be a good idea to delete my audio driver, so now I have no sound. I think I've found a way to fix it, but as with everything it's probably best to leave these sorts of things to the pros. Anyways, not much to say today. Still just depressed.


At 11:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, cheer up! All of us in the Cyclone nation are very grateful to the Longhorns for Chizik. Think about making a road trip to Ames next year, we're pretty hospitable up here.

At 2:09 PM , Blogger Steezy said...

"Roadtrip to Ames" are words that have never been put together in my vocabulary. Plus, I don't have a passport. If Iowanians are anything like Nebraskians, I'm sure they're quite delightful in defeat.


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