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Thursday, November 02, 2006

What does the Big East have against the western part of the country?

Louisville v. West Virginia tonite. Should be a hootenanny good time. I gotta say I'm going for Louisville just because I feel like WVU has gotten a lotta love for doing the equivalent of a pencil sharpening. I'm so over hearing about the Mountaineers. So very over it. And seriously...a team from KT and a team from WV? Incest will be in the air for realz.

I had a hearty chuckle when I read in the paper this morning that tickets for the game were going for $1000. Yawn. Try getting tickets to a game between two big schools (one could probably put their kids through college by selling OSU/Mich tickets right now).

I will say it sucks that the game is tonite. My DVR is already on overload, so I'll have to watch the first hour of the game in my room. That's so not hot. It's also not hot that my DVR skitzed out last nite causing me to miss the first 2 minutes of Laguna Beach. How the heck am I sposed to find out why Chase and Tessa didn't go to Cabo!?


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