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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Things I find funny

1. Ricky Gervais. If you've never listened to his podcast, their worth the $7. If you've never seen the BBC version of "The Office," I'll let you borrow them. If you haven't seen his cameos in "For Your Consideration" or "The Simpsons" even the tiniest of looks he gives leave me in stitches.

2. The fact that Ohio State is getting their asses handed to them right now. And the fact that Dick "Adult Diaper Dandy " Vitale keeps saying the Greg Odom is the best person on the OSU team, even though he's a freshman who's yet to see a second of playing time. Hype, much?

3. Miami v. Nevada in the MPC Computers Bowl in Boise, Idaho. I think I read earlier that Miami and Florida State have 12 losses between them. Awesome. Fingers crossed Florida loses this weekend as well to keep that number climbing. I hate the state of Florida. I wish it would fall into the ocean...or better yet RE-ELECT KATHERINE HARRIS!!!!!

4. This lil guy. Still.

5. Cal vs. Gaggies in the Holiday Bowl. I put the spread at 20, and I think they'll actually lose by about 40. Have you heard the term "eating crow?" I think this guy will wind up eating a hot stinking pile of regurgitated vomitoop. That's vomit mixed with poop that's been eaten and then thrown up again. Kinda like twice cooked pork.

6. Your face (Scrubs is back tomorrow!)

7. As FattyDave warned me today, looks like Jevan is bouncing. This isn't really funny considering our nickelchest situation at the moment (get it...the opposite of quarterback. come on, that shit is fun-ay), but the way things are going at the moment I just have to laugh.


At 2:08 AM , Anonymous Brett said...

That Simpsons with Gervais on it was entirely written by him too - first time they ever let a guest write an episode. He was hilarious in it esp. the guitar solo bit.


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