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Saturday, November 25, 2006


I've been unable to summon the strength to leave my apt all day today, and that has allowed me a lot of time to think and reflect on this season, and about how shittily things have turned out. It's pretty much been the most roller coaster season I can remember. Before the season started one thing hung over all of our heads: a question mark. And despite the loss to OSU (which, no matter what the "pundits" say, was not a blow out...a game we could easily have won), things were lookin real good.

Then we beat OU.

That's when Colt started coming into his own. All of a sudden we're pulling off these huge comebacks that one might usually expect from a team with veteran leadership. We're in the hunt for Glendale. We're talking about Heisman. After three games that felt like heart attacks on a platter, we got a nice fun win against the thorn in our side that is Okie State. We were on the brink bitches.

And now we've lost two in a row. WTF. It was almost like the more they talked about Mack being undefeated in November and about us not having lost twice in a row in however many years and about us not having lost to A&M in six years and about us only having lost to A&M 10 times at home...it was just destined to happen.

Looking back, every year except for last year in my lifetime, we haven't played for a national championship. Every year except for last year we haven't gone undefeated. And every year except the last two years, we haven't been to a BCS bowl. So really I guess this is just a return to earth after soaring with Superman (oh my god how poetically shitty did THAT sound). It's still hard not to be upset of course, but I'm going to pick my head up, and stuff my face. Being fat always makes me feel better.

Speaking of stuffing my face, Thanksgiving was a blast. My earlier predicition about intoxication level was definitely fulfilled. The one thing I realized though about not cooking my own TDay dinner is that it means you don't get the leftovers. In a moment of "f this! my life sucks!" I went two hours ago to the store and bought a turkey and stuffing and gravy and all and it's cooking in the oven right now. Roomie and I will have our work cut out for us consuming that 13 pound turkey, but you know what...I DON'T CARE!!!

(the turkey was only $5, which means I might have to do this every year).

Like most of Longhorn Nation, I was glued to the TV for the Bedlam Series. It really does seem like that's always a close game, and this one was no different. Not to be a total sourpuss, but in some ways I'm almost glad that OU won. With Colt hurt, and our team in the dumps, I don't really want to play Nebraska a second time in what would probably have been a pseudo-home game for them. Ugh, can you imagine if we went into our bowl game with FOUR losses. Frickin Mackovick might as well be our coach if that happens. And speaking of bowl, in my depression I had a mental blip and had my parents book my trip back to D.C. for January 1. Not like that is the most fun day of college football ever. Not at all. Why me, WHHHHY!!!

Now watching USC/ND. Cheering fo ND is really awesome. Psych.


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