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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Random Topic Tuesday: Tuesday

Tuesday is the shittiest nite of TV. There is not a single show on Tuesday that I watch. I really wanted to get into "Friday Night Lights" (obviously) but it's on at 8 and usually I'm still at a bar. Anyways, this particular Tuesday is election day. A pretty big election day, I might add. My office was all but empty by 4 p.m. as people went to vote (um, guys...the polls are open until 7).

(haha, Rick Santorum just conceded and his kids were a mix of fatties and crybabies. But I digress)

So me and roomie are sitting here watching CNN and pecking at our laptops. She's on cnn.com, I'm on Wonkette. That's seems about right...she wants to know who's winning, and I want to know who's choking strippers. In all seriousness it's information overload...on top of the talking heads and the numbers on the bottom of the screen, and the big wall of faces, Roomie every now and then raises her head from her bberry and says "Capt Crunch won in Maryland." Usually I respond "is that good?" and she answers. I dont know what I'd do without her.

(James Carville just said "K Street" three times...someone is still holding on to their glory days with George Clooney on HBO).

Anyways, no random topic tonite because more important things are going on: I'm doing my laundry.


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