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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Random Topic Tuesday: Anarchy

I got some sad news today. A good friend of my family, and surrogate family to me here in D.C., is being forced into retirement at the local NBC affiliate. It was a surprise in that I found out about it on the Post and not from Arch or his wife directly, but not a surprise in the way NBC has been operating recently. About a month ago they announced a new organizational scheme called NBC Universal 2.0, meaning they were cutting the fat. And by fat I mean, less people on the news, more people hosting game shows (please see earlier rant about "Deal or No Deal.")

So here's the problem, as explained to me on a recent episode of Studio 60 (a show I think I'm officially "over," along with this football season, TomKat, and your face): networks are owned by giant congomerates (Viacom, GE, Disney). These companies make most of their money through commercial products, and the profits made through TV are miniscule. But these big moneymongers also realize that the networks are the public face of their organization (as evidenced by the fact that I know those three companies own those three networks, but I couldnt give you a list of their other holdings). These companies aren't happy with losing money. Granted, no one ever is, but still...when you make 40 billion dollas year, is it that awful to keep a show on the air that loses a couple million so we can get some closure on characters, or to show some respect to a newscaster whose been on a station for longer than I've been alive? It's like losing a button. It's a drop in the fricking water.

So my solution to all of this (Sidenote: I just typed "ove" instead ove "of") is anarchy. There's a scene in "Stranger Than Fiction" where Will Ferrell asks Maggie Gyellenhaal if she's an anarchist. She says she is and then asks if there's a place or a group for anarchists to get together and organize. When he says yes, she says, "then it's not anarchy." Brilliant. In that spirit I'm not going to tell you how to revolt against THE MAN (though i will tell you that ceasing to bathe doesn't teach anyone a lesson). I plan to show my support for TV by watching more of it, but watching even less of commercials. I'm going to close my eyes and plug my ears and go "la-la-la-la-la-la-la." Better yet, I might just DVR EVERYTHING and fast forward through commercials. I'm going to buy groceries only at Trader Joes and Make-Up only at Clinique. I'm going to only enjoy Mexican beers (note I said "enjoy" not "drink." I'll still drink domestic beers, but I will do so only in contempt and with an ugly face).

If Texas can lose to A&M, then anything can happen in this world.

(F*cking Gaggies).


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