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Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm over it

I realized earlier that I haven't said a peep about basketball season. Part of the reason for that is I'm still withdrawing from my despair from the loss. One of the guys I work with (who I've only allowed to finally speak to me today) had very little sympathy..."oh, boohoo you lost a game and won't play for the title." It's true that we've gotten spoiled in the last 12 months. But regardless, I hate losing.

Which brings me to basketball. We lost last nite. I think our team should just quit playing in NYC because it never turns out right. I've sat (stood actually) through two shelackings by Duke in New York, and I had considered going up there for this tourney, though nixed it since i fell in the middle of the week. Kevin Durant is a friggin stud. A stud with some teenage acne that I hope clears up before he goes pro, but a stud nonetheless (seriously, on HD you can see every white head. nastee). I'm not sure what to make of this team. Three freshmen and two sophomores starting, one of whom is all but certain to enter the draft next spring. So do I root for KD to kill, kill, kill and then leave, or do I root for him to be mediocre so that we don't miss him as much next year. Who's to say. AJ Abrams has like 13 threes in the last two games, which aint nothing to spit at, and Conner Atchley has grown from a boy to a man (hello sir...). Needless to say I think it'll be a fun season to watch, one with probably lots of ups and downs, similar to seasons early in the Barnes era when we were winning more than we were losing, but we weren't going on long win streaks. I'll still hate losing, but maybe I won't let it bother me as much.

A couple of other things. They said that KD is 6'9" but has a wingspan that's 7'5." Not long after they said that he was shooting free throws and man alive are his arms freakishly long. You know what they say about guys with long arms...? PARTY ANIMALS!! Woooooo!!

Matt Hill's afro is prett rad. I see it going two ways: either he'll go the TJ Ford route and be much more refined and elegant looking during his sophomore season, or he'll go the Adam Morrison route and turn into a 1970s porn star (I forgot to say a cry-baby 1970s porn star). He has some lovely bone structure. Show me what you got lil mama! (anyone else amped for the new album from Hova!?)

Dexter Pittman is a lotta man. I can almost hear the saliva dripping off of FTP's tongue in Austin.


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