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Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm not 100% in love with your tone right now

Leaving in a mere moment for activity #1 as part of the Corcoran wedding weekend extravaganza. I do have to say it's nice to go to a wedding and load up on booze and steak without having to pay for a plane ticket. YEOW! CMart, Scuba and Eddie are all back in town, so it's going to be fun. I will most likely miss the Texas game tomorrow, which blows big time. It makes me want to hit someone...hard. I thought I had more to say at this particular moment, but apparently I do not. Instead I'll leave you with this quote from Worker #3116 (also known as the man I'm going to marry):

"Whenever I meet someone, there is a holding period between when I hate them for no reason, and when I hate them for a reason. "

Corco, I now hate you for a reason.

But not really.


At 1:07 AM , Anonymous bearfan03 said...

Sorry about today, Steez. If only you could have been there for good luck...

At 11:18 PM , Anonymous PB @ BON said...

Um, you miss a game and we lose.

Can we not let that happen again?


At 12:56 AM , Blogger Steezy said...

Yeah, I'll do my best...that shit was bullshit. Shit.


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