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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I wanna get...physical! Physical!

Okay first, this is pure hilarity.

Ohio State fans really are the absolute Worst Damn Fans in the Land. They even know it. When I was in Columbus last year, all the alums warned us post-game "Be careful tonite...the fans get real mean when we lose." And they were a freaking nightmare. I've already said I expected someone would be shot last weekend, and luckily no one was (though I am out $20. Come on God! You couldn't give me ONE GSW to the chest? Just one!!)

Despite the fact that fires were ablazin all over campus, and that 40 people were arrested (I think double the number arrested after their victory over us), the school president (the same one who apologized to Texas fans after last year's debacle) declared that the Bucknuts had been just oh-so-good this year. I have to think that they were good only comparitively to what was expected (see above). Anyways, here's one such Michigan fan's experience in Columbus last weekend. What he says about the OSU environment of Michigan hating vs. Buckeye loving sounds refreshingly familar to our friends the Gaggies.

I'm just totally over the NC discussion/debate.. I don't want Ohio State to win it all. Or USC. Or Florida. Or Notre Dame. So I'm left hoping Michigan can hang on in the BCS and then pull out the upset. I know 3-4 people here that went to Michigan, and all of them except for one are friendly lil beavers. Or Wolverines or whatever.

Yesterday I was reeeeally hoping we'd get out of work at 2 today. Turns out we got released at noon. Yeah suckah!


At 1:38 PM , Anonymous dave said...

GSW? Are you dabbling in criminal forensics on the side?

At 3:20 PM , Blogger Steezy said...

Bitch, I watch Grey's Anatomy. What.


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