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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I have a problem

I need new sweaters
I need new work pants
I need snow and rain boots
I need seasons 3&4 of Scrubs, season 3 of Arrested Development, and season 2 of The Office (BBC version)
I need to buy a dress to wear to Corco's wedding
I need to buy Corco, Denen and O'Keefe wedding presents
I need to feed my very hungry liver with beer at least 4 nites a week

But despite all of that, I'm having serious issues with the fact that I don't own a Colt McCoy jersey. The Roy/Limas jersey I wore last week is a youth small, and though I'm petite on top, that shit is unnnnncomfortable.

This is a serious enough problem that I'm putting a link below for people to donate via paypal towards me getting said jersey. It's important ya'll. Oh come on!!

There's a Louisville player named William Gay, a WV player named John Holmes (I actually knew a guy in college named John Holmes also), and I'm pretty sure I heard my Kirky say "he went right around Coon" which would be another name for the books. Just being observant.

(Have you donated yet?)
(Just kidding, there's no paypal site...I'm just expecting someone to buy it for me)
(tapping foot)


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