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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dust off your copies of "Oregon Trail"...

...cuz I got me some SCARLETT FEVER!!!

Let's review my list of things we needed to see happen to get back into the NC:

1. Rutgers beats Louisville
2. Auburn beats Florida
3. USC loses to Ore, Cal or ND
4. OSU beats Mich

Of course the one thing I'm missing is "Texas wins out." Shouldnt be a problem, but I thought the same thing at a certain Big 12 Championship game in 2001. So let's win out boyzz.

Two other game observations: (1) Lou Holtz is smoking crack saying that Cal was the best one loss team. Go suck it Lou. (2) Apparently one of the Rutgers traditions is to do the Bill & Ted guitar strum from when they go into the future. OMG like soooo awesome.


At 2:20 AM , Anonymous PB @ BON said...

Forget Auburn. They're only relevant if all the dominoes around them fall.

Texas now just has to whoop some serious ass the rest of the way out. If we do what Steezy would do to David Thomas to every one of our remaining opponents (read: sexually assault), we'll be right there.


At 3:48 PM , Blogger Steezy said...

(in sarcastic voice)
"Fix the double-post on your damn blog already."

Shove it up your pie hole jerk head.

At 5:07 PM , Anonymous Sally said...

I'll give YOU a sloppy finish!!


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