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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yes actually there is a reason to hate

SOMEONE, a Baylor bear of course, left the following comment down below:

There is no reason to hate. And for a team as "good" as UT to look so not good against Baylor...shameful.

Billiam, I'd suggest you check the number of injuries we had on defense on Saturday. Two starting corners, and two guys on the line. And though yes, we may have been down 10-0, we also beat you 63-31; our quarterback threw for SIX tds (a Texas record); you scored 7 points with 9 seconds left, and 7 points on a trick play when we had our second/third string in. So a better reflective final score would have been 63-17. Yeah...that was not-so-good, eh?

You want shameful? You want a reason to hate? Try this:

That little show of class puts Baylor in the same category as OUsucks. And that's what I like to call counting your hens before they've hatched. I'm pretty sure Mr. Bell paid for that dearly (as did Mr. Arline, with a punch to the face courtesy of Limas f-ing Sweed).

Thanks Billiam for reminding me to write this!


At 1:43 PM , Anonymous Sally said...

Haha Bears are just jealous because

A - they suck ALL THE TIME
B - their "hand signal" is a limp-wristed air slash
C - they have to live in Waco
D - Shawn Bell looks like a cro-magnon that never fully evolved

At 2:20 PM , Blogger Steezy said...

But they are h-o-t-t when it comes to womens basketball.


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