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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Random Topic Tuesday: Hating

Saturday morning when I got to Rhodeside my friend Tim, who I haven't seen in a few weeks, was there. We caught up a bit, which basically involved him saying he missed me, and me asking how much. After a pinch of time passed, another of my friends showed up, and I was very politely filling him in on the end of my Friday nite when I was left practically abandoned with two of my greatest enemies. I don't mean frenemies...I mean straight up enemies.

After a couple minutes I looked back at Tim who shook his head and said, "Damn. Ya'll are meeeeean."

I've realized recently that I hate a lot of people and a lot of things. Pants and Despair are just two (though the absence of Despair in my life for a while has left me hating her far less. she's more of nuisance). There's crazy bitch old roommate. There's my boss. There's Nicholas Cage. There's Britney. There are actually several more people in D.C., but some of them read this blog and don't know I hate them so I dont want to ruin it. But I'm pretty much okay with hating. For several reasons.

1. Some people need to be hated. If you barge into my room and yell at my while I'm on the phone to my parents, you need to be hated. If you invite yourself to someone's birthday party or to watch a football game, you need to be hated. If you break Justin Timberlake's heart, you need to be hated. What's always amused me about myself is that I don't like when the people I hate feel the same way about me. Really, who couldnt love Steez? I'm above average.

2. Hating is fun. When you get together with your friends do you talk about how much you like someone? Sometimes we do but it usually involves saying, "I like Hannah, we should hang out with her more." On the contrary, I could sit and talk trash about someone for hours and feel perfectly content with my evening. I love being a bitch. A lovable bitch, naturally, but a bitch nonetheless.

3. Hating makes it easier to decide who are the ones you love. I love the people who hate the same people that I do. It's that simple.

So to summarize, I hate you.

An update to last week's RTT: Today I went into a bathroom in the opposite corner of our floor. When I walked in the stall there was a huge printed note hanging above the toliet that said in red letters (I kid you not): PLEASE DON'T PEE ON THE SEAT. IF THAT IS A PROBLEM, AT LEAST CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. I love the image of someone getting so annoyed with wet seats that they walked back to their office, opened word, wrote a note, changed the font color, printed it out in color, and then walked back and hung it up. Hilarity.


At 8:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I love being a bitch. A lovable bitch, naturally, but a bitch nonetheless."
I would like a shirt of a bumper sticker or something of that nature which says exactly that.


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